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We Found Love (REAL OFFICIAL Instrumental) - Rihanna Ft. Calvin Harris ^NEW^

The artwork for "We Found Love" was released by Rihanna's official Facebook page on September 22, 2011.[18] Grady Smith of Entertainment Weekly's The Music Mix criticized the song's artwork, writing "'We found love in a hopeless place,' Rihanna repeats over a David Guetta-ish synth beat. But judging by the single cover, her place doesn't look too hopeless, does it? Maybe there's a building on fire outside the frame, and that fire hydrant doesn't work. I guess that would be hopeless."[19] A reviewer for Sugar Magazine wrote that "On anyone else this would be a pretty odd look but Rihanna somehow makes a denim overload look good."[20] A reviewer for Neon Limelight commented that Rihanna appeared to be adopting a tomboy image for the new project, writing, "She really is going for that sexy tomboy look this album era it seems; remember the laid back look she rocked on the single's cover art?".[21]

We Found Love (REAL OFFICIAL Instrumental) - Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris



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