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Buy Eternum Cutlery

18/10, 18/ or mirror polished stainless steel, each collection stands out for its modern sleek lines, ergonomic design and unique features! Choose the Eternum stainless steel cutlery range to offer an exceptional table service to your guests!

buy eternum cutlery

Specialize in the distribution of tableware and kitchen products, we put at your disposal for more than 10 years a catalog of nearly 6000 crockery, cutlery, glasses, kitchen utensils and pastry or appliance references.

ETERNUM cutlery and table accessories benefit from world-renowned expertise. Our objective is to create original and timeless collections that meet the most demanding standards of ergonomics, quality and sustainability. To achieve this, we work with designers experienced in the art of tableware.

The Eternum hotel and restaurant range of cutlery from Belgium delivers distinctive designs of cutlery for the modern tabletop. The only Belgian manufacturer of stainless steel cutlery, Eternum offers an extensive range of over 40 patterns of hotel and restaurant cutlery and over 150 items of hotel and restaurant tableware in both stainless steel and silver-plated stainless steel.

As one of the top players of cutlery in Europe, Eternum places high demands on their designers, aiming to develop distinctive models, which are pleasing to both the eye and the palate. The flatware ranges explore a world of simple shapes and clean lines, mixing classic sophistication with a unique contemporary approach for hotels and restaurants to create a well balanced, inspired collection of commercial cutlery.

-Journal-146780348726936/ -journal/ Eternum supplies hotel and restaurant customers throughout the world with both stainless steel flatware and silver on stainless steel. ETERNUM is a Belgian company founded in 1924 and specializes in the creation, production and sale of cutlery and tableware stainless steel. Eternum is present in more than 40 countries throughout the world, with their headquarters and production located in Gembloux, Belgium. 041b061a72

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