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File: Mega Man ...

@Blizzia it's true, megaman games are hardly even 2 hours long unless they are the RPGs. And yeah, you are right about Indies. I'd add engines and modders too. I even used rpg maker 2003 and vx Ace for a couple games. I feel demos are a nice idea too, no need for 10 hours if it gets stale.

File: Mega Man ...

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@KingBowser86 You admitted yourself it was too difficult when you said you used the gear system when you had to. Why are you acting like that was an insult? I think you just were expecting too much from yourself. You even pointed out that you had to use the gears on a blind run. I don't think anyone expects to breeze through a megaman game blind.

@Zuljaras I've played more than 30 megaman games. The RPG ones are a lot longer, like "megaman legends", "megaman battle network", and "megaman x command missions". I made a video on my youtube channel saying how I got into the franchise if you want to know a bit more about the franchise.

What ruins the challenge is the in-game item shop. Having an item shop has been a staple in the series since Mega Man 7, but Mega Man 11 makes acquiring money incredibly easy, with prices for items being trivial. Even in the harder difficulties, purchasing upgrades, energy tanks or even extra lives transforms the game into a walk in the park. The upgrades fundamentally change game mechanics. For example, one upgrade allows Mega Man to not slide on slippery surfaces, while another automatically charges his mega buster for you. Other items also eliminate the threat of the death pits and spike traps. It's a godsend to have up to three mulligans against instant death in a platformer like this. 041b061a72

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