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Islanders Fisherman Jersey Buy

The Islanders wore the original fisherman jerseys from 1995-1997, featuring heavy teal accents, a gruff looking fisherman and wavy lettering, trim and numbers. The logo has never been worn by the team in a game since then - until now. While the jerseys were maligned at the time, they attained a cult following among the fans, especially younger generations. That includes the Islanders themselves.

islanders fisherman jersey buy

The original design featured the fisherman logo on a navy jersey with a teal wave at the bottom on the sleeves and orange accents. The updated Reverse Retro design darkens the navy base and adds orange and white angled trim for an updated wave, keeping the teal in the wave below the logo. The new jersey also has orange backing on the numbers, which are a similar font to the original.

The team will wear the jerseys six times, debuting them on Dec. 10 against the Carolina Hurricanes and wearing them Dec. 23 against the Florida Panthers for 90s Night. Other games include Dec. 27 against the Pittsburgh Penguins, Jan. 12 vs. the Minnesota Wild, Jan. 21 against the Hurricanes and Jan. 28 against the Vegas Golden Knights. All games in the Reverse Retro will come at home at UBS Arena.

And, he was a marvelous choice to be the face of their massive rebranding effort, as the Islanders suddenly moved away from their classic blue and orange logo, featuring a map of Long Island and a hockey stick, to a menacing fisherman in a teal slicker and hat with a fierce, angry scowl painted across his face.

When Milbury was introduced as the new coach in a press conference on July 5, 1995, standing at a podium and in front of a backdrop with the new logo, while wearing a windbreaker adorned with the fisherman on the upper left, it had to be an exciting time, regardless of the long road back to respectability ahead.

Nick Pizzutello is the executive vice president of New York Hockey holdings. Unlike the previous time the fisherman was launched, Pizzutello indicated that the organization did much more research before deciding to bring back its controversial logo.

Pizzutello is well aware that some older Islanders fans would still prefer the fisherman drowned at sea, never to return again. In redesigning the old look, the club did its best to marry the fisherman with the contemporary colors and brand in order to appease everyone.

Join the Bridgeport Islanders in welcoming the newest addition to the family with this truly iconic fisherman third jersey. Taking a page out of our parent club's playbook, we are proud to unveil this new look that our fans and players can add to their collections.

We are excited to offer our Season Ticket Members and corporate members the first opportunity to purchase their own third jersey on Tuesday, February 21st from 4pm - 7pm at Total Mortgage Arena. If you would like more information on this exclusive opportunity, please call or text at 203.579.5231, or you can emal us at

In one of the most ill-fated moves in NHL uniform history, the Islanders ditched their trademark royal blue/orange uniforms in favor of a uniform set that a 1960s stoner would have been proud of. The crest was replaced by one featuring a man bearing a striking resemblance to the Gorton's fisherman. The backs of the jerseys featured names and numbers distorted to follow the contours of the bottom stripes. Needless to say, this uniform set was not well-received by Islanders fans.

With all the hype around the New York Islanders return to Nassau Coliseum, anything they do will be news. So when the Isles released pictures of the polarizing fisherman jersey, the jersey made waves within the fanbase.

Weaving through the comments is like walking through a war-zone. There is one side of the fanbase, predominantly the older side, that cannot stand the jerseys and feel it should be wiped from their history books. The other, normally a much younger side, loves the outlandish design and wants all the details so they could make preparations to buy it.

The bold jersey, introduced in 1995 to embody the culture of Long Island, was met with hatred. The full set only lasted from 95-97 before the team introduced the classic Islanders logo on the wave template. In 1998, the full shift went back to the classic jersey design in navy.

When the Islanders wore the fisherman logo from 1995-97 they wore navy blue with an orange, white and teal wave similar to this concept. On the sleeves, they had somewhat of a wave design as well with the same color scheme as this concept.

Islanders fans have been asking for the fisherman logo to be brought back since Adidas became the licensing partner with the NHL and started making third jerseys for teams. Right now the Islanders have a third jersey with the NY logo on the chest, which is nice, but I think a throwback jersey would be more welcomed.

What do you think? Would you like to see the Islanders bring back the fisherman logo and modernize the look on a third jersey? Let us know in the comment section below or find us on Twitter at @EmpireWritesBck.

The Islanders debuted their reverse retro jersey. They are the last of the 32 NHL teams to introduce its version of an alternate jersey and it was the first of six times they will wear it this season. The Fisherman logo was initially unveiled as part of a complete rebranding for the organization ahead of the 1995-96 season. 041b061a72

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