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Rezo Hunchback
Rezo Hunchback

Homeworks Energy Inc !FULL!

We simplify energy conservation and solve home energy efficiency challenges. By creating valued solutions, delivered with expertise, transparency, and accuracy, we support a greener way of living. We are a trusted sustainability partner of Massachusetts neighborhoods and we are driven by our positive impact on our neighbors, our community, and our environment.

homeworks energy inc

HomeWorks Energy is currently seeking residential Sales Representatives to help homeowners become more energy-efficient. You will be conducting home energy assessments by modeling homes in energy efficiency software, diagnosing energy usage problems and recommending energy-saving solutions.

Over the past four years, HomeWorks Energy has grown to become the leading energy efficiency company in Massachusetts, the #1 ranked state in energy efficiency. We have also been ranked in the top 5 Massachusetts companies, according to Inc. Magazine (Inc. 5000 2017)! Join a growing organization that is passionate about working together to save energy and reduce costs, one community at a time.

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