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So Sexy 40.mp4

Industrial supergroup Revolting Cocks (featuring Richard 23 of Front 242, Luc van Acker, and Al Jourgensen of Ministry) recorded a version of Da Ya Think I'm Sexy for their album Linger Ficken' Good. The song was released as a single in September 1993 with the songs "Sergio Guitar" and "Wrong Sexy Mix" as B-sides. This version includes slightly altered lyrics (the lyric "Give me a dime so I can call my mother" is replaced with "Give me a buck so I can buy a rubber" and "He says, I'm sorry, but I'm out of milk and coffee." is replaced with "He says, I'm sorry, but I'm out of KY Jelly.") -cocks/do-ya-think-i-m-sexy-lyrics/

So Sexy 40.mp4

Well this is just a given really isn't it. If a song called 'SEX' doesn't have a sexy video then we're all just going to be a little disappointed aren't we? Cheat Codes 2016 anthem fulfils it's promise.

Learn how to make sourdough bread with your boo for a hobby that keeps on giving. The process is a little tricky compared to other breads, but once you make a good starter, it will yield loaf after loaf of homemade deliciousness. Plus, spending time in the kitchen together is always pretty sexy, right? Pro tip: Slice up some of that freshly-baked bread, serve it alongside a cheese plate and enjoy the fruits of your labor during your virtual wine tasting. 041b061a72

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