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How To Buy A Company Logo

As any entrepreneur can tell you, your company logo is the first and most important visual component in your business and the kick-starting point of your marketing plan. Usually, finding the perfect logo and a designer to create it just how you envisioned can be a challenge. Sometimes you want to check if you can use stock logos instead. It's a time-consuming design process that oftentimes also involves a considerable cost, yet it's an absolute must for all serious companies and startups.

how to buy a company logo


Logo templates are categorized by industry, you can find fashion logos, beauty logos, or logos for sports, drinks, and games. Also, for professional services like doctors, lawyers, DJs, and for organizations such as churches, schools, or NGOs. To name only a few.

Another traditional way to get a custom-made logo is to hire a professional designer to create it on spec. But did you know there is a way to do this in a much simpler and faster way? With the Crowdspring Logo Design solution, you get dozens of professional designers creating unique logos for your brand, from which you can select your favorite, in only 7 days or less!

All you have to do is include a few details about your brand and preferences, pay for the service, and wait for the designs to arrive. With this service, you get completely custom logos (no templates nor stock graphics) and full intellectual property rights over the final, chosen design.

Keep in mind, that designing a logo from scratch with these tools requires a lot of design knowledge and knowing your way around the chosen software. And even with a cool service like Crowdspring, you still need to wait a week to see the designs.

Here there is an important distinction to make: with a free Canva account, you get access to a basic Canva Brand Kit with limited capabilities: you can set one color palette from 3 available, a logo, and not much more.

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And yet, despite its importance, as a new business owner, it can be hard to cough up the money to pay for a professional logo designer. If you have little to no design experience, creating the perfect logo can seem like an impossible task.

When it comes to your brand, first impressions matter. And the quality of your logo will ultimately determine the first impression you give off. A well designed logo can build trust and authority among your customers. A bad logo, on the other hand, can leave customers choosing to go with your competitor.

Canva is probably the most hands-on logo maker on the list and can be great for beginners. Canva also has a fairly intuitive design process making it easy to get get started. The templates are broken down by niches such as badges, art/design, fashion, sports, food and drink, automotive, and more.

You do have to sign up for a free account, but can download your created logo up to 5000px. If you use Squarespace for your website, it can be helpful to keep all your assets and branding under one roof. The logo editor also gives you the ability to easily see how your logo will look on business cards, your website, and even clothing apparel.

The tool suggests 12 logos at first, but you can click Load More Logo! to get more ideas. Once you choose a logo you like, Looka will take you to an editor where you can make any last minute changes before downloading it. You can download the logo for a small fee or pay for an entire brand kit (with letterheads, social media icons, invoices, etc.) for $7.99 per month.

Designhill offers different payment options for your company logo, too. You can buy the logo file for $20, or you can buy logo files to use when building your website, social media, print, packaging, and branding for a $65 one-time payment.

Placeit offers over 13,000 different logo designs for you to choose from. All you need to do is enter your business name and industry into the generator and a list of cool logos will appear. Each logo has its own color scheme and aesthetic.

To design a free logo on, start by adding your business name and (optional) slogan, and the platform will generate hundreds of logo designs. Click any logo to tweak colors, fonts, layouts, icons, and more.

You have full ownership and copyright of your logo; however, it applies to your logo design as a whole and not the individual elements (e.g. icons, fonts). If you require a legally binding trademark and would like to prevent others from using your logo, please contact the copyright/trademark office in your country. generates logo options from millions of different inputs (color, icons, font, size, layout, text), so the likelihood of someone recreating your exact logo is slim to none. While we do not remove the icons or other elements used in your logo after you have used them in our editor to create your logo, we are drawing from a pool of over five million icons.

Post your logo desires in a design brief that outlines what you need, the budget you have allocated for the job, and include any useful information that will help designers hone in on the right approach to your logo. The submissions will then flood in and by the end of the 3, 5, or 10-day contest deadline you will choose a winning design. Full copyright and design ownership is then handed over.

Each designer has their own profile page where they detail their pricing packages, which, depending on the individual, can range in delivery times, number of revisions, and source files included in design delivery. When you find a freelancer you like, you simply order the package you want and the designer gets to work. If all goes well, you are then handed an amazing (and affordable!) logo that exceeds your wildest dreams.

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The Small Business Suite features free marketing tools you won't find anywhere else. Whether you're looking for the exact color of your logo, a new design, or the right font, you'll find everything you need in one place!

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