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Buy Glasses And Contacts Online

After factoring in the cost of exams and fitting, we found that several online contact lens sellers offered prices that were at least 30 percent lower than the average prices at local stores, but as you can see on the table below, some well-known online sellers offered prices that were higher than the average prices offered by the lowest priced local outlets.

buy glasses and contacts online


Remember that the CareCredit credit card is an easy way to pay for glasses and contact lenses for everyone in the family. To find an eye doctor or vision retailer near you that accepts CareCredit, use the Acceptance Locator or download the CareCredit Mobile App.

Can you use vision insurance online to get glasses or contact lenses? Several online eyewear retailers accept vision insurance, and if they don't, they should provide the documentation you need to request reimbursement from your insurance after paying out of pocket.

While many designer brands and general eyewear sites accept vision insurance, they may not take your particular vision insurance. Here are some popular online eyeglasses and contact lens retailers and the vision plans they accept:

If you already used your vision insurance to get glasses this year, you may not be able to use your vision insurance to get contacts, online or otherwise. Review your vision benefits before trying to make a purchase.

It depends on your vision insurance plan. Some vision insurance providers let you buy prescription sunglass lenses using your annual lens benefit (and frame benefit if the timing is right). Check your plan to see if prescription sunglasses are covered.

Shopping for glasses from home can save you cash, too. Since having digital storefronts allows retailers to cut out the middlemen (like brick-and-mortar shops and third-party manufacturers) those savings are passed on to you. Furthermore, many online glasses companies also accept HSA and FSA funds, meaning no out-of-pocket costs for you.

Frames with non-prescription lenses are $50 while the rest range from $90 to $290 with single-vision (or reader or non-prescriptive) lenses included. Progressives tack on an extra $120 and special tints and transitional lenses are also an extra $120. For those wanting blue light blocking lenses, they cost either $30 or $60, depending on the type: Screen Daily Use lenses block 25% of blue light and Screen Heavy Use block 40%. And a final heads up for ordering: Unlike some other online glasses retailers, the field to add your prescription pops up after you place your order.

We spent hours researching popular eyewear companies and what they offer in terms of selection, value, insurance eligibility, return policy and turnaround time. We also thoroughly browsed each site to test out the user-friendliness of the glasses-buying process and discover special features like virtual or at-home try-ons and prescription renewals. Finally, we included firsthand recommendations from Forbes Vetted staffers like GlassesUSA, Zenni Optical and Warby Parker.

Vision care can be confusing and expensive. Lensabl was created to fix that. Glasses and contacts-wearers can now get the products they need without paying high retail markups, all online, without leaving home. Clear vision, without the friction - The Lensabl Way.

Your vision is a top priority, so shop with Lensabl to order contacts and eyeglasses fast online. Lensabl is the one-stop shop for all things optical, online. We carry various lenses and frames in styles that meet all of your optic and fashion needs and can replace lenses in any frame. We also carry contacts from a variety of brands including Acuvue, Biofinity, and many, many more!

Lensabl gives you access to stylish eyeglass options that match your prescription. We put any lens in any frame so you can buy glasses lenses online here and pair them with your acetate or metal frames. In addition to our Everyday Eyewear line of frames, we also carry frames from some of the world's top designers as well as contacts from all major brands.

The Lensabl inventory has a frame and lens for any wearer, so buy prescription eyeglasses online. We also carry all major contacts brands. Customers can also save money when they become a Lensabl+ member for an affordable monthly fee.Do you have questions about buying lenses for glasses online, our premium eyeglass frames, or the contacts we carry? We encourage you to send us an email today!

While it might not seem like your vision has changed, it's important to check your prescription and evaluate the health of your eyes; the wrong contacts could cause damage without showing any visible symptoms.

Regular eye exams are important not only to check your prescription but also to evaluate the health of your eyes. This is especially important for contact lens wearers because the contacts could be causing damage to your eyes without necessarily causing any obvious symptoms.

Walmart has one of the most customer friendly return policies in the online optical industry. If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your order Walmart offers free return shipping so you never have to worry about receiving the wrong size, color, product defects, or even if you're just unsatisfied with the product purchased.

Yes, associates are eligible to receive the associate discount when ordering online. Associates must enter through to be eligible for the associate discount. Each time you place an order, log on to, select "Pay and Financial Benefits", select "Associate Discounts" then select Your associate discount will be shown when you checkout.

Online retailers are in-network for most employer-insured members. Please reference your member benefits to confirm eligibility and deductible (if applicable). If planning to use your benefits through one of these online retailers, be sure to have a copy of your most recent vision prescription available to reference.

Choose from hundreds of brand-name frames and contacts from participating online providers, like LensCrafters, Target Optical, Ray-Ban, and ContactsDirect. Instantly apply your in-network benefits at checkout. Enjoy free shipping and returns.

As long as you are happy that your current prescription is correct, you can buy contact lenses online without a prescription from We know some people are reluctant to provide their Optician's contact information because they don't want their Optician to know they're ordering their lenses for a cheaper price online.

While buying glasses online can be convenient by saving you a trip to the local optical store, scrolling through images of widely varying styles of frames can make deciding which to choose confusing and difficult.

Just like searching for glasses online can be confusing, so is finding the best deals. Since there are so many different sites to purchase glasses from, comparing and finding the best deal can be difficult to understand.

However, when buying glasses in-store a trained professional is there to take you through every step of the way, from choosing the best glasses frame to finding the best deal for you, as well as discussing the best optical solutions for your lifestyle including sunglasses, multifocal lenses and even contact lenses.

One of the benefits of purchasing your glasses from an eye doctor or optical store is that an experienced staff member will take all the time needed with the fitting and selecting the right eyeglasses for you.

While the glasses selected, when purchased online, may look good, once they are received they may not look as expected. It can be difficult to choose style and color from a website as opposed to actually seeing them on your face in the mirror at an actual store.

There is a lot of details on all optical prescriptions and while online suppliers may be able to manufacture the lenses, the way they are positioned in the frame may not be in a way that works best with your eyes.

Durability of the lenses, prescription accuracy, and fit can all be potential problems of buying glasses online. If the glasses that were ordered online need to be adjusted, you will end up having to make a trip to the optical store after all.

While purchasing glasses online may become more popular in the future, as of now most eyeglasses are still purchased from a brick-and-mortar optical store, as the pros of buying in store outweigh the cons.

Now that you have read part one of our VSP vision insurance frequently-asked-questions, you may have additional questions about coverage. In-network eye doctors versus out-of-network? Where can I buy eyeglasses and contacts? Here is part two of our frequently-asked-questions about VSP vision insurance.

Yes, to get the most out of your vision insurance benefits, and avoid filing any claims, we recommend getting your contacts online at, where VSP members have access to additional discounts and savings.Other online retailers will be out-of-network, requiring a separate additional claims step. 1-800 CONTACTS provides this specific information on their website: We are also accepted as an out-of-network provider by most major insurance companies, such as VSP.... You can simply purchase your contacts (online or by phone) and submit an out-of-network form, then submit both the invoice from your order and the completed form to your insurance company for reimbursement. It's that easy." To get the most out of your vision insurance benefits, and avoid filing any claims, we recommend getting your contacts online at, where VSP members have access to additional discounts and savings.

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