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Rezo Hunchback
Rezo Hunchback

Two Kids One Sandbox Original Video Full [REPACK]

I'm acting like a dick? I'm not the one cussing and whining like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum. And if I was a dick I'd have just made the edit instead of discussing it first. I don't expect you guys to understand what the difference between a fanboy and a normal person is. It's built into the definition of a fanboy that you are incapable of understanding when you're in the wrong. You guys are like little kids sitting in the sandbox with your "repurposing" nonsense saying "Let's pretend that Hot Rod is bumblee because Hasbro didn't make one." Seriously? You claim there's no "cliche", but then you throw around the words "our" and "we" etc. etc. and talk about your "system" that "I don't understand." If your system works so well then what's with the glaring inconsistencies? (YOUR repurposing page says they're unofficial, but you argue here that they are official. Whatever) If people are continually trying to edit pages and you're locking them so they can't be editted, OBVIOUSLY they want the information there. But you don't want it there so it can't be. But there's no cliche. Whatever. --Mathius 14:25, 6 June 2010 (EDT)

two kids one sandbox original video Full

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