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A Quiet Place Part II YIFY

In Milan, the prominent painter Leonardo Ferri (Franco Nero) is a disturbed man that lives with his agent Flavia (Vanessa Redgrave). He has sadomasochistic nightmares with Flavia and shows signs of insanity. He asks Flavia to rent a villa in a quiet place in the countryside to produce his paints. Leonardo chooses a derelict villa that belonged to a promiscuous countess that was murdered during the war and Flavia moves back to Milan. Soon Leonardo is haunted by the countess... or should it be madness?"Un tranquillo posto di campagna", a.k.a. "A Quiet Place in the Countryside", is a film that aged. Watching it for the first time in 2018 shows a dated tiresome and confused horror film and the best chance to see the eternal Vanessa Redgrave, sexy and gorgeous, and her husband Franco Nero in the lead roles. But the screenplay is typical for a movie from the late 60s. Elio Petri is best known as a great director of political films but his work in horror genre is quite confused and disappointing. My vote is four.Title (Brazil): "Um Lugar Tranquilo no Campo" ("A Quiet Place in the Countryside")

A Quiet Place Part II YIFY


I tracked this rarely seen Italian horror on Polish TV and I'm really glad that I taped it.This is a truly bizarre study of madness,which reminds me Polanski's "Repulsion"(1965).The main character-a painter brilliantly played by Franco Nero is trying to run away from his strange visions.He visits an old mansion to find peace,quiet and inspiration,but it seems that this place is haunted by the ghost of a young girl.He slowly loses his sanity...This unjustly forgotten and rather disturbing horror film is a cinematic pleasure to watch for fans of bizarre Italian cinema.The characters are really weird,the musical score by Ennio Morricone is unforgettable and there are some genuine moments of insanity and creepiness.Elio Petri created an unique film,which should be seen by everybody(not only by horror fans!).Highly recommended.

Heading out on a road-trip, a dysfunctional family looking into a potential sign of distress from their parents, but when they find the house empty and no one around they decide to stay and investigate where they discover a race of humanoid mutations has escaped and killed everyone forcing them to fight them off.This one was somewhat better than expected and had a lot to like about it. One of the finer features here is the atmospheric work featured here which manages to make this quite more suspenseful than it should be. With the majority of the action taking place at the remote house in the middle of the night, there are some genuinely atmospheric and chilling shots of the fog rolling through the landscape towards them while various animal growls and stalking are heard in the distance which goes nicely with the setting of the abandoned houses and missing individuals. As hardly anyone is aware of what's going on and the resulting unaware nature of the creatures or what they are, it only adds to the whole setting of the film in general. This fine setup-work goes nicely with the films' enjoyable amount of creature action present. The opening attack on the people in the house serves to get it going nicely with some creepy stalking and a brief glimpse of the creatures, while the later discovery of the creature up in the attic as it rests unaware of the girl until it chases her through the house and outside leading to several other min-encounters along the way is the best sequence in the effort. The final half, which introduces a contagion subplot that spreads to its victims reveals some great carnage in the body-melting scenes to go alongside the creature attacks which are surprisingly brutal and gory, has a lot to like about it. As well as the stellar look of the deformed creatures, these are what hold the film up as the film does have some minor issues about it. The main thing holding it back is the lagging pacing which tends to undo a lot of the atmosphere at play here with the film taking a bit too long to get to the good parts. The investigation here is the biggest factor, as the scenes of them wandering through the house, visiting the neighbors or going into the abandoned town serve to build up the mystery and atmosphere nicely yet are played out in such lethargic tempos that it's likely to leave viewers bored at the situation rather than creeped out. As well, there's also a rather curious feature where they manage to figure out the creature's backstory through urban legend rather than believable means and it strains credulity to have operated in that fashion, leaving this one with its main flaws.Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language. 041b061a72

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