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[S2E1] The Arrival

The preview clip shows the arrival of Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover, and they are the first to reach Stowe, Vermont. The couple realizes that the trip will be a milestone in their relationship. Paige pointed out in the clip:

[S2E1] The Arrival

While we feel a sense of comforting familiarity when the wisecracking Lee Scoresby (Lin-Manuel Miranda) appears in the season premiere, sparks fly when witch-queens Serafina Pekkala (Ruta Gedmintas) and Ruta Skadi (Jade Anouka) come face to face, the latter a new arrival in the series. With a menacing glint in her eye, Ruta is just as powerful as she is entrancing to watch, the sequence that she features in providing one of the highlights of the episode.

Back at Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency, staffers await Don's arrival in the conference room. When Peggy Olson, now slender, leaves to find him, the men speculate about whether Don got her pregnant then gave her a promotion as compensation. Pete Campbell thinks she went to a fat farm. On the office floor, Peggy scolds Don's secretary for making a glib remark about his whereabouts. "I want you to imagine when you talk about Mr. Draper that he is standing right behind you."

After Sophie's gallery show and Ian's arrival, Sid and Hannah host an impromptu wedding reception at Pemberton's. Jesse grapples with his decisions and confides in Ellen about Meredith.Previously on "How I Met Your Father"...

Picking up from the Season 1 finale, Vox Machina returns to the capital city of Emon to be greeted as heroes. Sovereign Uriel cedes power over Emon to the assembled council over his inability to recognize the vampires who deceived him for what they were and nearly plunging the kingdom into chaos. This ceremony is interrupted by the sudden arrival of four ancient dragons that swoop down from the horizon and begin savaging the city.

Moreover, veteran players of the series of games will be intrigued by the arrival of Phillippa Eilhart into the story of the show. Played by Cassie Clare, this sorceress pulls the strings in Redania after the death of King Vizimir II and she's one of the very few magic-users who are able to transform into other animals. And, Game of Thrones actor Kristofer Hivju is playing Nivellen, a man who is cursed to become a monster when he attacks a priestess in a temple robbery.

M. Night Shyamalan's Servant has returned for season 2 and with it came an all-new side of Sean Turner (Toby Kebbell, Black Mirror), who unexpectedly saves the reborn doll of his deceased son, Jericho, from heading to the garbage dump - here's why. After introducing the grieving father in season 1, it was clear to audiences that he did not care for the charade they were forced to put on for his wife Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose). Once Jericho returned to them following the arrival of their new nanny Leanne (Nell Tiger Free), his apprehension about caring for the reborn doll began to waver.

Premiering on Apple TV+ in 2019, Servant garnered such impeccable reviews that it was promptly renewed for season 2. It follows the Turner family, who hire a young nanny named Leanne to care for a reborn doll that acts as a replacement son for Dorothy, who accidentally left their actual son, Jericho, in a car on a hot summer day. Upon her arrival, Jericho returns to them alive and well, but at a cost. Leanne's backstory involves a cult with mystical powers that have yet to be fully explored by the series.

Tonight saw the arrival of season 2, which opened in complete disarray. The hosts have escaped their narratives and mostly gone on vendettas against the humans that enslaved them, the guests at Ford's soiree being picked off in their tuxedos and ball gowns one by one, cowering behind stagecoaches like frightened NPCs. 041b061a72

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