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Zulu historian Emeritus Clarence Becknell explained, "The coconut came because they couldn't afford to buy the beads, so a guy by the name of Lloyd Lucas, and some others, they went into the French Market and they purchased a sack of coconuts and that was the throw."

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Thomas Price, a Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club Member, said, "In past years we used to use these coconuts in the raw form, the hairy form, and if you can notice they make like a little natural face, so we took like a sharp object and we'd open the mouth out and we'd shake the milk out."

Then the hair was shaved off and they were decorated. The coconut took a blow in 1987 after lawsuits from people claiming they were injured by thrown coconuts. Zulu couldn't get insured that year, thus the time-honored tradition went away.

Price recalled, "It was really a different vibe. Guys like Clarence did little colored walnuts, but most people tried to find something else. I had T-shirts and stuff I gave off the float, but it was different everybody kept asking for coconuts. Everybody wasn't aware that because of insurance woes we didn't have coconuts that year."

Riders have come up with their own ingenious ways to make the decorating process more efficient. For Instance, Price said, "I've got what I call assembly line coconuts. They kind of all take the same form, a little tweak here and there."

These days the riders all buy sacks of coconuts from a vendor which shaves, cores and empties them, then a coat of paint is added. Each rider typically gets between 100 and 200 coconuts to decorate and throw.

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The secret to Foley lies in everyday, household items. Snapping celery stalks sounds eerily similar to the sound of bones breaking; hitting coconuts together really does sound like a horse walking (thank you, Monty Python). 041b061a72

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