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Kasim Flowers
Kasim Flowers

Bride Prejudice !NEW!

Bride price, a common custom in parts of sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, including Indonesia, is a payment by the groom to the family of the bride at the time of marriage. Bride price payments (referred to as Lobola in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa) are substantial: in Indonesia, the mean bride price payment among ethnic groups that traditionally practice bride price is 51% of GDP per capita and in Zambia, it is 175%.

Bride Prejudice

Many activists view bride price as repugnant, akin to the buying and selling of women. There have even been calls to ban bride price. However, when we discussed bride price customs with parents in Zambia, we learned that parents often view bride price as a compensation for investments in their daughters and as a substitute for the old age support that daughters can no longer provide if they leave the household to marry.

This season, Pastor Cal leads three couples from Atlanta, GA through an immersive experimental process with their loved ones to unearth the sources of their objections and perceived prejudice to help them find acceptance and support. Will these critical family members endorse the relationships and attend the weddings, or will they try to shatter their future happiness together? 041b061a72

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