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How to Watch Hit Movie 2020 Online for Free - The Best Streaming Sites

Download Hit Movie 2020: How to Watch the Best Films of the Year Online

If you are a movie lover, you might be wondering how to download hit movie 2020 and enjoy the best films of the year at your convenience. In this article, we will show you what is hit movie 2020, why you should download it, and how to do it legally and safely. We will also recommend some of the best hit movies of 2020 by genre, so you can choose your favorite ones and watch them online.


What is Hit Movie 2020?

Hit movie 2020 is a term that refers to the most popular, successful, and critically acclaimed movies that were released in 2020. These movies have received high ratings from critics and audiences, as well as awards and nominations from various festivals and organizations. Some of these movies are also available on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and others.

download hit movie 2020

Why download hit movie 2020?

There are many reasons why you might want to download hit movie 2020 and watch them online. Here are some of them:

  • You can watch them anytime and anywhere, without depending on the availability of streaming services or cinemas.

  • You can save money on subscription fees or tickets, as well as avoid ads and interruptions.

  • You can enjoy better quality and resolution, as well as subtitles and audio options.

  • You can share them with your friends and family, and create your own movie night.

How to download hit movie 2020 legally and safely?

Downloading hit movie 2020 is not illegal, as long as you do it from authorized sources and for personal use only. However, you should be careful about the websites and apps that you use to download movies, as some of them might contain malware, viruses, or spyware that can harm your device or compromise your privacy. Here are some tips on how to download hit movie 2020 legally and safely:

  • Use a reputable and reliable website or app that offers legal downloads of movies. Some examples are iTunes, Google Play Movies, YouTube Movies, Vudu, FandangoNOW, etc.

  • Check the reviews and ratings of the website or app before downloading anything. Avoid websites or apps that have low ratings, negative reviews, or suspicious links.

  • Use a VPN (virtual private network) service to protect your identity and data while downloading movies. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP address, making it harder for hackers or third parties to track your online activity.

  • Use an antivirus software to scan your device for any potential threats before and after downloading movies. An antivirus software can detect and remove any malware, viruses, or spyware that might have infected your device.

Best hit movies of 2020 by genre

Now that you know how to download hit movie 2020 legally and safely, you might be wondering which movies to choose from. There are many genres and categories of movies that were released in 2020, but we have selected some of the best ones for you. Here are some of the best hit movies of 2020 by genre:



Extraction is a Netflix original action thriller film starring Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a black-market mercenary who is hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an international crime lord. The film is directed by Sam Hargrave, a former stunt coordinator, and features intense and realistic action sequences. Extraction is one of the most watched Netflix original films of all time, with over 99 million views in its first four weeks. You can download Extraction from Netflix or other authorized sources.

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The Outpost

The Outpost is a war drama film based on the true story of the Battle of Kamdesh, one of the deadliest battles in the Afghanistan War. The film follows a small group of American soldiers who defend a remote combat outpost against a massive Taliban attack. The film is directed by Rod Lurie, a former military journalist, and stars Scott Eastwood, Caleb Landry Jones, Orlando Bloom, and others. The Outpost received critical acclaim for its realistic and immersive depiction of the battle, as well as its tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers. You can download The Outpost from iTunes, Google Play Movies, YouTube Movies, or other authorized sources.



Impetigore is an Indonesian horror film that follows a young woman who returns to her ancestral village to inherit a mysterious house. However, she soon discovers that the village is cursed by a sinister force that wants her dead. The film is directed by Joko Anwar, one of the most acclaimed horror filmmakers in Indonesia, and stars Tara Basro, Ario Bayu, Marissa Anita, and others. Impetigore is a terrifying and atmospheric film that explores the themes of folklore, family, and fate. You can download Impetigore from Shudder, Amazon Prime Video, or other authorized sources.

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man is a science fiction horror film that reimagines the classic novel by H.G. Wells. The film follows a woman who escapes from an abusive relationship with a wealthy scientist. However, she soon suspects that he has faked his death and is using his invisibility technology to stalk and torment her. The film is directed by Leigh Whannell, the co-creator of Saw and Insidious franchises, and stars Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Aldis Hodge, and others. The Invisible Man is a tense and thrilling film that explores the themes of domestic violence, gaslighting, and paranoia. You can download The Invisible Man from iTunes, Google Play Movies, YouTube Movies, or other authorized sources.


The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen is a crime comedy film that follows an American expat who runs a lucrative marijuana empire in London. However, he faces various challenges when he tries to sell his business to a billionaire. The film is directed by Guy Ritchie, known for his stylish and witty crime films like Snatch and Sherlock Holmes, and stars Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell, and others. The Gentlemen is a fun and entertaining film that features clever dialogue, colorful characters, and twisty plot. You can download The Gentlemen from iTunes, Google Play Movies, YouTube Movies, or other authorized sources.

HIT: The First Case

HIT: The First Case is an Indian Telugu-language crime thriller film that follows a troubled cop who investigates the disappearance of a young woman. However, he soon uncovers a dark and complex web of secrets that connects to his past. The film is directed by Sailesh Kolanu and stars Vishwak Sen, Ruhani Sharma, Murali Sharma, and others. HIT: The First Case is a gripping and suspenseful film that keeps you guessing until the end. You can download HIT: The First Case from Amazon Prime Video or other authorized sources.


Get Duked!

Get Duked! is a British black comedy film that follows four teenage delinquents who participate in a character-building camping trip in the Scottish Highlands. However, they soon realize that they are being hunted by a mysterious masked duo who want to kill them for sport. The film is written and directed by Ninian Doff, making his feature debut, and stars Samuel Bottomley, Viraj Juneja, Rian Gordon, Lewis Gribben, Eddie Izzard, and others. Get Duked! is a hilarious and absurd film that parodies the horror and survival genres, as well as the social and political issues of Britain. You can download Get Duked! from Amazon Prime Video or other authorized sources.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a romantic comedy

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