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Rezo Hunchback
Rezo Hunchback

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This uniquely crafted sideboard from our MIXT collection will add transitional allure to any dining space or foyer. Made from acacia wood veneer with four drawers and two large cabinets for ample storage. Alternating wood grain patterns on the drawer fronts and antique brass hardware complete the look. Suitable for residential and contract settings.

buy sideboard

Being amongst the best sellers of Conceptual Sideboard collection, this piece is the perfect fit for Vintage and relic lovers who understand and feel the intricate designs carved on the surface of Mango wood to create this masterpiece. With its minimalistic engraved sculptures and the smooth finish of the creamy shade, this sideboard got your stare at the first glance only.

Buffet tables (also known as sideboards) are an important part of a dining room. Not only do buffet tables offer the perfect spot to serve a casual buffet dinner, but they typically also provide handy storage for extra servingware and linens. They also offer a great display area and always look great when teamed up with a matching pair of buffet lamps. Cymax offers a huge selection of buffet tables and servers, with many stylish options that will fit your budget.

Firstly, collect all of your potential sideboard cards together. My advice is to keep all of them in one binder and separate them by color. You can take things one step further if you like, and within each color, separate them by functionality, e.g. graveyard-hate, artifact-hate, Tron-hate, etc. 041b061a72

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