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Where Can I Buy Vertical Labret Jewelry !FREE!

The inverse vertical labret piercing, also called the Ashley piercing, is done by inserting a piece of jewelry through the outside of the lower lip into the mouth so that one side of the jewelry is fixed inside your mouth.

where can i buy vertical labret jewelry


While the labret piercing consists of a single puncture through the skin directly below the lip, the vertical labret piercing is made of two punctures that go through the lip itself and exit below the lip where a labret piercing would be placed.

If you have oral issues such as a receding gum line or enamel wear, then this might be the lip piercing for you. The vertical labret piercing is also perfect for those who want a stunning style that stands out.

Since the vertical labret piercing has two puncture points that go directly through the sensitive lip skin, this piercing is slightly more painful than other lip piercing types. Compared to other piercing types, it typically falls on the low-middle end of the pain scale. If you tend to be more sensitive to pain, be sure to find an experienced piercer who can guide you through breathing exercises and help make the piercing process easier.

Just like every other piercing, you should clean your vertical labret piercing 2 - 3 times daily with a piercing aftercare saline solution. This solution should contain no other ingredients besides salt and water. Some piercing aftercare contain additives like tea tree oil. These additives, especially tea tree oil, are irritating to new piercings and can actually hinder healing.

As with any piercing, the vertical labret piercing is susceptible to a number of side effects. These are mostly avoidable with proper aftercare, however, accidents happen, and trauma to the piercing site can elicit these side effects. Sometimes, side effects may appear even if everything is done right. The good news is that most of these will go away with proper treatment, and they rarely result in long term effects.

On paper, changing a vertical labret piercing is simple. Just unscrew the ball end from your curved barbell, slip the jewelry carefully through the piercing hole, and securely twist the ball end back into place. (Be sure not to screw the ball end too tightly lest you strip the threading.)

The shape of the vertical labret piercing means that curved barbells are almost exclusively used in this piercing type. Depending on the barbell length of your jewelry, the two beads of the curved barbell can take on a double-pierced aesthetic, with one ball appearing on the lip and the other directly below.

Most vertical labret piercings use a 14G or 16G curved barbell. You should opt for an internally threaded piece, since it aids in smoother insertion of jewelry and less trauma to the skin surrounding the piercing.

Despite the limited jewelry types used in a vertical labret, you can still get creative with your curved barbell type. Many choose a smaller ball for more comfortable wear, but a bigger ball can add to a bolder look.

The vertical labret piercing has two puncture points that go directly through your lower lip. The piercing needle is inserted vertically through your bottom lip and exits through the skin below the lip. This piercing can be more painful compared to other types. However, the pain may vary depending on how well you tolerate it.

While we offer a range of jewelry designed to help hide piercings, for labret piercings these often only work once the piercing is healed. Because you will need a longer bar for swelling, often the barbell itself is somewhat visible. Once healed and your jewelry is a tight fit, we can get you small ends that look like freckles, or clear glass pieces. This however can only be done 3-5 months after the initial piercing. 041b061a72

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