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Rezo Hunchback
Rezo Hunchback

IObit Protected Folder 1.2 Crack Final Key Download

iObit Protected Folder is an effective files & folders protection tool that guarantees security & privacy. You need to set a master password when you set up this offline tool. After you added the files and folders into iObit Protected Folder, they will be hidden and protected from being viewed or modified. There is no way to get unwanted accesses such as computer stolen or lost, spyware, multiple users on a shared computer, kids. Further, Its optimized engine keeps locking files even if the PC is suffering malicious attacks.

IObit Protected Folder 1.2 Crack Final Key Download

To use RMS, you need a Windows Server 2003 server configuredas an RMS server. Users need client software or an Internet Explorer add-in toaccess the RMS-protected documents. Users who are assigned rights also need todownload a certificate from the RMS server.

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