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MusicMatch Jukebox: How to Manage, Convert and Burn MP3 Files on Windows 7

MusicMatch Jukebox 10.00.4015 is licensed as freeware for PC or laptop with Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating system. It is in multimedia players category and is available to all software users as a free download.

MusicMatch Jukebox was an audio player made by San Diego-based MusicMatch, Inc. It contained features commonly found in jukebox software such as the ability to manage digital audio files and playlists, audio file conversion, an online music store, Internet radio, music CD playback and ripping software and managing media on portable media players.MusicMatch Jukebox was bundled with the Apple iPod as its music manager until the introduction of iTunes for Windows in 2003. In September 2004, Yahoo! announced the acquisition of MusicMatch Inc. for a reported price of $160 million. Following the acquisition, the application was rebranded Y! Music Musicmatch Jukebox. On August 31, 2007, Yahoo! discontinued MusicMatch services in an effort to move users to its own music services.

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The MusicMatch Jukebox is an audio player that contained online music store, internet radio and a digital audio library and other features commonly found in a jukebox. The reason for Yahoo to drop this software is still unknown. After installing the software in C drive, Windows will prompt you to install the software in compatibility mode it chooses, you can follow the step, and it will begin to function normally.

MusicMatch Jukebox was the first jukebox software to support Windows Media Audio and was also the first to allow users to stream Windows Media video in a jukebox program. The Windows Media support in the RCA LYRA via MusicMatch is another outcome of the strategic relationship between MusicMatch and Microsoft announced last month.

MusicMatch Jukebox lets you record, organize, and play digital music. Lets you record your favorite songs from your CDs to high quality digital music files, stream music from the Net to your MusicMatch player, download music online and organize your digital music into a powerful Music Library on your PC. Gives you high fidelity, high quality and high speed you won't find in any other jukebox software.

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I happened to find this page via an old bookmark link I had saved. I was once a die hard MusicMatch Jukebox fan. I hated the new interface when Yahoo acquired it, and couldn't stand to use iTunes. I've since come across, in my opinion, a better music player and library management software, Media Monkey. You guys should really check it out instead of going through the hassle of getting musicmatch working via XP virtualization.

P.S. I'm not associated with mediamonkey in any way, nor do I stand to profit or benefit in any way. I just really like their software and think former music match jukebox fans can benefit from it as well.

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This is a just a fyi.Yes that sort of works.If you want to pay for the upgrade,and don't mind that your 5.1 won't work,and the program is glitchy as hell. And Super tagging will not work in any method you use..The sites it used no longer exist. With that said.I have MMJB working on Win 7 Ultimate which is 64 bit.All of it works except for the parts that connect to the internet. I can make a play list and burn it from MMJB,works fine.Manualy edit the tags.If you have music that was in a working MMJB it will have all the tags and covers already..Just won't get newer ones. For a brief time after Yahoo changed to their own jukebox from MMJB you could download it, install it,and then install MMJB 10 and it worked.The yahoo version installed the parts needed for MMJB to work on a 64 bit system. When i got another computer with Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit I went to install MMJB.And couldn't.Yahoo,may they rest in hell,had discontinued their jukebox player,and had taken down all links to it. At that point I made a full backup of my Win 7 Ultimate system.And continue to do so after any major updates or program install. I've used the back up a couple of times and MMJB still works. If you can find the Yahoo version you can get MMJB to run .I haven't had any luck doing that.If i were into programing and knew how to actually move a program and or it's settings to another computer,MMJB would work on other machines.But sadly I have no clue. i have gotten MMJB 10 to work on 32 bit systems several times by changing all the .exe's to XP SP2 compatibility..

I have got mmjb 10 to work on windows 7 pro 64 bit without virtualization or using compatablity mode. I downloaded mmjb 7.5.3103 and installed. Its works fine and you could stop here and use it, but I prefer mmjb 10. I downloaded mmjb 10 ( if you already have a copy of mmjb 10, use it ) and installed it without deleting 7.5. After rebooting computer it works fine. Larry

I can get it to work as a jukebox no problem. I can't get it to see my burner. I do not care for ripping as I have found an excellent program called Audigrabber for ripping that pretty well has all the same features as Musicmatch, but it is not a burner. I want Musicmatch for burning. I can get all the way to the burn mode showing the list of tracks to burn, but the "create CD" icon is whited out. I was able to copy from my XP and run set up from the Musicmatch file. If I run as admin, I get "the musicmatch software has been updated... and cannot get a burn list. If I open as "user" I can get a burn list.

I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I got a copy of MusicMatch 7.5 from and ran the install file in Compatability Mode for XP sp2 and As Administrator and MM worked great. I then downloaded 8.2 and installed it (without uninstalling 7.5 don't know if it makes a difference) and that is also working great. Good luck. I know you wouldn't be looking here unles you thought that MM was/is the best jukebox/music file management software ever out there.

i, too, can't get musicmatch 10 to work on windows 7 64 bit, tried everything that everyone suggested, but nothing worked... i tried just about every program out there and nothing compared to musicmatch, except one... Aimp ( )... it is a lot smaller than musicmatch and can do just about anything musicmatch can/did do, once you get used to it. I would really reccommend trying it... and the best thing is... it's FREE

Put simply, it seems that the software can only run reliably with particular builds of the operating system, and listing which builds can be used could prove to be quite an intensive task.However, licensed copies of Windows 7 have the perfect solution ready to be used - Microsoft Virtual PC. This is a solution from Microsoft that installs a free to use version of Windows XP in a virtual machine on your Windows 7 computer, allowing you to run legacy applications such as Musicmatch Jukebox 10 on your Windows 7 PC or laptop.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'brighthub_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_14',153,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-brighthub_com-large-mobile-banner-2-0');

The genuine mmjb.exe file is a software component of Musicmatch Jukebox by Musicmatch.Mmjb.exe is the primary executable of Musicmatch Jukebox, an audio playback and recording program. Yahoo! purchased Musicmatch in 2004 and subsequently rebranded the software as Yahoo! Music Jukebox. Yahoo! Music Jukebox went out of business four years later, and the software is no longer available for download. Some websites do offer old versions of Musicmatch Jukebox for download, but many of them are not compatible with Windows 7.

Look there's no magic pill, no tricks, gimmicks that's going to get Jukebox to play the way we want it to play. Maybe it's time to move on. As difficult as it was for me, I did. This is not a plug for software or anything but I will say I have been very happy using J. Rivers Media Jukebox. It's not a MusicMatch clone nor does it works as good but in my opinion it's the closet thing to being a MusicMatch replacement as we will ever get at this time. They claim the Jukebox portion of their Media Center is free but charge a $10 license fee in order for you to rip CDs to your hard drive in .mp3 format. I took the plunge and paid $10 for their LAME .mp3 encoder (which I think should fall under some sort of fleecing since all media programs offer free .mp3 ripping capability) but after I did and got Jukebox set up the way I want, I can say it works decently. Their VBR doesn't work the way as it does in MusicMatch and my files are slightly larger now but if you give it a try it's not a bad piece of software.

I'm not yanking your chain. I have got mmjb 10 to work on windows 7 pro 64 bit without virtualization or using compatability mode. I downloaded mmjb ver 7.5.3103 and installed. It works fine and you could stop here and use it, but I prefer mmjb 10. I then downloaded mmjb 10 and installed it without deleting 7.5. After rebooting computer it works fine. Could be a fluke I suppose.

I just recently upgraded to Windows 7 Professional (32 bit, 4G RAM, AMD Athlon II X2 250 Processor 3 GHz). No matter which version I've tried to install (I have versions 6 through 9; I'm going to try 10 after this), I have the same identical issue. It installs fine and runs perfectly (as expected from MM), but once I restart my computer or after I shut down and start up my computer, Windows 7 freezes and won't start up (nothing but that glowing windows symbol for 15-20 min). I know it's frozen because the little light on the front of the CPU tower that's supposed to be flashing doesn't appear at all (forgive me for not knowing its name; I'm not as computer savvy as some).

Musicmatch jukebox will not run except in compatability mode (maybe) on any windows operating system after XP.Even then, if you are running any version of Internet Explorer after version 6, Musicmatch Jukebox will not usually installproperly, and when it does install properly, will not run. The problem appears to be in versions of IE after version 6,something was added that interferes with MMJB, or something was replaced (probably a DLL or something similar) thatMMJB needs to run. The only solution for XP users is to remove IE versions newer than 6. Not such a bad propositionsince there are several browsers available that runs rings around IE. If you really like MMJB as I do, that's the way to go.Try it. It works.

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